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Julie Bruggner

We're almost through COVID, but we're not there yet.

By many standards, this holiday season was very different from last year in several ways. Parties took place and people traveled to see family and friends and came together for year-end festivities. After a year of forgoing so many of our events, club members ventured out this past year and did what they felt safe doing. The many section holiday parties you held were a testament to the desire of our members to celebrate again. I attended five MBCA celebrations. While some holiday gatherings were much smaller than usual, the Niagara Section reported theirs was the largest ever. 

But many of the things we had hoped would change have not. We all understand that Covid has not disappeared. Each new variant comes with new challenges. I think we are realizing that we must find a way to navigate through this new world. So, we’ve made changes in the way we do things as a club to keep ourselves as safe as we can. 

Many sections have navigated these changes seamlessly and are thriving and holding more events than ever. Peachtree is a prime example, not only holding online events, but continuing to have live events and letting the members decide how safe they feel. (Maybe that’s why they won the Section of the Year award for 2020?) 

Others have struggled, resisting scheduling live events out of fear, either for themselves or for members. I urge you to find a way. We need each other and we need to find a way to continue in spite of the changes happening to our world. Schedule the events and let everyone decide for themselves if they feel safe enough to attend. Take drives or find restaurants or venues outside where people can participate, but still maintain the distance that helps them feel comfortable. Read other section newsletters or contact your Regional Director for suggestions or advice, but don’t give up. We need you. Our community needs all of you.