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Jeff Zurschmeide

A decision to head into Oregon's backcountry on a quixotic adventure becomes a reality.

Sometimes the right idea happens at just the right time. As we prepared the May-June issue of The Star, my son suggested that we enter the Gambler 500 this year. If you haven’t heard of this event, it’s a two-day non-competitive off-road trek. The challenge is to clean up litter in the backcountry. It’s a great adventure, does some good for my beloved Oregon, and it ends up at the world’s most boisterous party. Sign me up! 

When I read Rubin Howard’s excellent Rising Star on the W163 ML-Class, the wheels in my head started turning. With an ultra-reliable V-6 engine, low-range four-wheel-drive, and plenty of room for trash bags, this SUV is a perfect Gambler ride! We have acquired a thrashable ML320 and we’ll take you along on our Gambler adventure in the July-August and September-October issues.