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Julie Bruggner

There are events on my calendar again this year – I’m so happy! I’ve missed, as you all have, seeing everyone and checking out the cars and sharing that time together. I will be attending as many as I can this year and having some fun, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us.

The Strategic Planning Committee is working hard to finalize the plan to present to the board for approval.  One thing the committee has included is creating a communication plan.  Comments in the member survey were very clear about sections needing to know what’s going on and needing to be heard.  Both are being addressed in our plan.  We need a structured and consistent club communication plan to further strengthen the relationships between the sections and the national organization.  And we need a way for section leaders to come together to share information and communicate with each other. More importantly, to provide a means to have their ideas and suggestions shared with the board. 
This has been a long process, and I know you want to see results.  I promise you will.  But it will take time to formulate the steps needed to implement each strategy.  And we will not have the resources to begin every component of every strategy immediately.  Yet each step we take brings us one step closer to an organization that we can count on to provide that experience we all look for from the club, be it the camaraderie of gathering at social events, a way to learn more about your beautiful Mercedes-Benz, the fun of being on the road and taking a drive with a string of these wonderful cars, or something else entirely. The club can continue to take us to that destination as long as we stay on the right road.