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Richard Simonds & Gary Anderson

Seemed as if Mercedes-Benz was everywhere during the Monterey Classic Car Week, from the show fields to the streets to the track.

Mercedes-Benz at Monterey
Article Gary Anderson 
Images Gary Anderson, Royce Rumsey, Richard Simonds and Denis Tanney

Monterey Classic Car Week in August produced a kaleidoscope of impressions with automobiles from the dawn of the industry to the visions of the future. From concours winners on the show field to historic winners at the racetrack, Mercedes-Benz was everywhere at Monterey.

Some of the images imprinted on our memories include, above, the PlayStation Vision Gran Turismo concept car that welcomed visitors to the Concours d’Elegance.

Swirling clockwise, a multitude of auctions titillated potential purchasers and dreamers.

In the Star Lounge, Mercedes-Benz itself presented the best of the coupes from its heritage.

The Classic Center displayed the winning entries as well as the actual trophy from the 1914 French Grand Prix.

The 2015 S-Class Coupe took pride-of-place in the Star Lounge.

At the historic races, the 100-year-old winning GP car was faster than ever.

A streamlined prewar coupe at the lounge contrasts with the trophy-winning Hibbard & Darrin convertible at Pebble Beach.

A GP car and the Streamliner on display.