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Jeff Zurschmeide

We want to keep the focus on you, the members of MBCA, and the cars you love.

Some say that the cars you aspire to drive as a teenager tend to stick with you for your whole life. That has certainly been true for me, and in my case that means the cars of the 1970s. I inherited an enduring fascination with the Corvette Stingray, Porsche 911, and of course, the Mercedes-Benz R107. In my mind, the 450SL is the quintessential 1970s luxury sports car. 
All of those cars I mentioned are fairly defined as classics, because they've stood the test of time, and people still want to own and drive them. The muddled mass of automotive mediocrity falls away over a few decades, and what's left are those cars that still have something to catch our imagination. For whatever reasons we may have, classics are the cars we still want after all that time. 
We've spent the last two issues of The Star looking back fondly at two icons of the SL lineage. Enthusiasts of sedans, coupes, and four-seat convertibles have been patient while we doted on the famous sports cars, so in the next few issues we promise to spread the love around more evenly. 
We'd also like to keep the focus on you, the members of MBCA, and the cars you love.
This is your call to send us photographs and the story behind your personal Mercedes-Benz for publication in The Star. It doesn't have to be a concours-winner (though concours winners are certainly encouraged), it just has to be your pride and joy. Because ultimately, that's what defines a classic car.