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Doug Geganto


MBCA was formed in June 1956. I’m proposing that June 2023 be designated as a “giving back birthday month” in which every section is encouraged to schedule an event to do something positive in their communities or support a local charity. Rachelle Brummett, our philanthropy chair, will be sending out information and ideas to the sections to help them formulate event ideas for our birthday giving month. We must work together toward a common vision to create a positive image of giving back to our communities so that people know who we are.


Reimagining our future.

Doing the same things and expecting different results isn’t working. Some processes and programs may need to be changed. Most importantly we must develop leaders for the future. The Governance Committee will be a key partner in both of these.



We have Member, Officer, and Section recognition programs in place. I’m proposing we add another level of recognition: National Member and Officer of the Year in order to recognize those members who have contributed significantly to their Section, Region, and the Club and for Top Recruiter of the Year. Also, that we change Section the Year into two categories Small Sections (<150 Members) and Large Sections (>151 Members). This will enable every section to have a chance at winning this prestigious award.


Improving communications.

No matter how much information we send out we still have members who never get the message. This is a real problem, and we need to find better ways to make sure our members know what’s going on in the club.


Help Sections develop revenue opportunities.

The loss of the MBUSA subsidy in 2020 affected our ability to continue section rebates. Last October the question of reinstituting club subsidies was asked at the annual International Presidents Meeting in Stuttgart, and the answer was that the subsidies would not be reinstituted. We’ve now put in place a fund and process where sections can request financial assistance. Details were sent to all sections. In addition, we’re working on a few ideas to help sections develop revenue opportunities. More details will be coming.

It’s going to take all of us working together to move our club froward.

Thank you all for being MBCA members.