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Julie Bruggner

MBCA President Julie Bruggner appreciates the arrival of Spring

There is nothing like that feeling of the first spring day when it’s warm enough to put the top down on the car and take a drive. Sometimes it’s not even spring yet.  This year it was March 5, and it was 72 degrees in Fort Wayne, so of course I took advantage of such a glorious day. I almost feel sorry for those of you who live where it’s warm year-round; you don’t have to wait for those days – almost. You don’t get that same “Ah!” feeling after waiting for it for months.  

But by the time you read this, it will truly be Spring and I, for one, will be anticipating so many more drives and beautiful days.  Can we really hope that our lives are returning to something close to normal?  It seems so, for now anyway.  So, let’s take advantage of that and get out there again.  

I just registered for the Sandhills Motoring Festival, held May 27–29 in Pinehurst, North Carolina – my favorite automotive event. I love the drive down there. The festival is one I highly recommend, an entire weekend of great fun, and great cars, and a great way to spend Memorial Day weekend.  

Want to be part of the greatest gathering of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the world? Then join the Greater Washington section on July 17th as they attempt to beat the current record, recently set in China. This is a Mid-Atlantic Regional event taking place in Lorton, Virginia. More information is below, or visit the website, click on the Community tab, and upcoming events, (Mercedes Benz Extravaganza | MBCA ) to learn more.

I know there are many other great events coming this summer.  This is my last year as president and I want to make up for all that I missed when we had to shut everything down. Unfortunately, there just isn’t time.  Isn’t that what we all say anyway?  There’s never enough time to do all the things we want to do. So, let’s not waste any of it. Let’s appreciate what we have. Don’t pass up upcoming opportunities to go places and see people and do things. Get out and take part. Maybe I’ll see you there.